Hello, my name is Michelle and I’m the founder of Michelle’s Pet Care Service which was established in April 2008. We are a caring, friendly and reliable family pet care business based in Thornhill, Cardiff.

I was born and raised in Cardiff, and as a child we had a family cat called Tiger, which we all loved and where I gained my first experience of animal care.

When I married my husband Tony in 1993, we had a cross Collie called Lady, who we loved and adored. We also acquired twin ginger tom cats Barney and Thomas, a female tabby rescue cat called Tessa, a male tabby rescue cat called Charlie, a black and white female cat called Jessica (former foster cat), Megan a adorable border collie who used to assist me dog walking, as well as fish Goldie, Shadow, George, Ariel and Splash and our Guinea Pigs, Elvis and Alfie. All of these brought much enjoyment and pleasure to our lives. These devoted pets have sadly now passed on due to old age, but living with us today are our 2 cats Sophie (rescue cat) and Sassie (former foster cat) and our adorable Cockerpoo Maisie.

I previously fostered for several years for Cardiff and the Vale Cat Protection branch and was also their rehoming officer for 18 months and fully support the branch.

At Michelle’s Pet Care we provide an exclusive Cat Sitting & Small Animal Pet Sitting Service where all pets receive the best possible care when you need to be parted, so that you return home to a happy and healthy pet.

Best wishes.

Michelle Gill

Michelle’s Pet Care Service